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Brand Central

DropInBlog is more than just a cool brand name or catchphrase.

It's a representation of our values and design strategy. The consistent use of the brand strengthens our identity and maintains DropInBlog's integrity and trustworthiness to those that see it.

How do you name us?

DropInBlog or DiB!

No spaces in-between. When writing our full name, it's with the uppercase letter “D”, “I” and “B”.

For short format, it's uppercase "D" and "B" with a lowecase "i".

It's that simple.

Our Logo

Our logo is one of our most valuable assets and strongest identifier.
We ask that you take care of it as much as we take care of you.
Here are various logo formats for every imaginable use.

Logo Size and Clear Space

Our logo wants to be seen and needs to breathe.


Minimum Size

    Horizontal Full Logo – 120 pixels wide and 25 pixels height
    Round Logo – 48 pixels by 48 pixels

Clear Space

The DiB logo needs to have clear space between other images or text next to it. Minimum is at least the width of the “o” from our logo, applied all-around.


Colours that we love

These colours are meaningful to us. It also makes us stand out.


#F37335RGB 243 / 115 / 53

Innovative digital solution for a marketing company

Dark Gray

#323D47RGB 50 / 61 / 71

Options allowing a law firm to increase the productivity


RGB 255 / 255 / 255

Educational project for designers in IT company


#FFF2D8RGB 255 / 242 / 216
#FCE3D6RGB 252 / 227 / 214

Educational project for designers in IT company

Things you shouldn't do to our logo and name

We do our best to make it easy for you to share news or your experience about our product.
We only ask that you take care of our logo and brand name.


Don't distort the logo

Be careful when resizing our logo to maintain proportion at all times.


Don't rotate the logo

We do encourage creativity, but our logo needs to be straight and level.


Don't add a frame to the logo

Or a box, sphere or any type of frame or border. Only use the logo variations we have provided.


Don't change the fills or colors of the logo

Our logo only comes in the color variations that we have created for you.


Don't add shadows

Or any other effects or blending variations. Keep it simple.


Don't misspell our name

When writing about us, call us by our preferred name spelling and lettercase.

PDF Branding Guide Download

We've also put together everyrthing above in a tidy PDF format if that's your cup of tea.

278kb PDF Format