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I firmly believe in the transformative power of purposeful leadership and its potential to make a positive impact on the world. Effective leadership is critical to the success of any business, as it guides both the brand and employees towards achieving their goals.

Your leadership will define the success of your organisation.

As a brand strategist, I specialize in helping leaders shift their focus from product-driven businesses to purpose-driven brands. By demonstrating the immense value and opportunities that come with purpose-driven leadership, we enable our clients to understand why they choose to work with for Nathen. Through our brand workshops, we bring strategy and story to life, empowering purpose-driven leaders to become unstoppable in achieving their goals.


Although 83% of organizations value the importance of cultivating leaders throughout the hierarchy, merely 5% of businesses have executed leadership development for all levels.



● Treat customers the way we’d like to be treated.● Create an environment where workmates can think big, have fun, and do good.● Grow our business in a way that makes us proud.


Always do the right thing even when noone is looking.


Be real even on rainy days. Own it, drive it, earn it. 

Empower individuals

Delight our family, friends, workmates and clients, always! Set a leadership example.

Grow together

To grow together we must be aware and give. Our family, friends, workmates and clients. 

Ditch the baggage

Do more with less. Embrace your willpower, push resilience to the edge, everyday.

No boundaries

Evolve immediately. It is possible. You just don't know it yet. 

Look after your body

Because without it, you are f*cked.

Make it happen

Be accountable. Talk is cheap, get sh*t done.


Dear Business Owner,
I've been running my own business for the past +15 years, and let me tell you, it hasn't been easy. Dealing with staff, cash flow, and family stresses has been tough, and I've definitely had moments where I wanted to throw in the towel.
Then the pandemic hit, and everything changed. I had to pivot my business to adapt to the new market, but it wasn't without its costs. My family, health, and motivation all took a hit.
But then something amazing happened. The next year was a rocket ship. I finally found the business and space I had been looking for. I discovered my passion for high-level leadership and strategy, and my business took off like never before.
Now, my focus is on helping other (Chief Everything Officer) like me. These are the optimists who run their businesses alone, facing challenges and fears every day. I know how hard it can be, and I want to be their cheerleader and coach.
I learned the hard way that sacrificing creativity, focus, and space for our businesses isn't worth it. That's why I'm all about doing less, but doing it better. And through my company, Brand Toolbox, I'm working to create a world of conscious leaders who know why they do what they do and execute relentlessly.
So if you're a (Chief Everything Officer) looking for support and guidance, come join me and let's make big things happen together!

Speaking From Experience.

With 17 years being a Fearless Honcho, Nathen Jansen has experienced the low lows and the high highs of business. But it was when he finally focused on his purpose that things started to change. Welcome to ........... .com Your leadership will define the success of your organisation.

Leaders with purpose become unstoppable
Head Honcho Fearless Leader, Grand Poobah, (Chief Everything Officer)

Never feel alone in business again.

Subjective level

Our goal is to understand, share and develop every aspect of you as a business owner, leader and most importantly as a person.

Individual level

Tools that every Lone Leader needs to become fulfilled. Business is not all about profit, but the choices you can make for yourself.

Group level

We bring together the tribe of Lone Leaders to ensure that no one feels alone in their business ever again.

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His education in Royal Academy of Antwerp, design, advertising studies at Hallo Academy in Amsterdam and his obsessive interest in neuromarketing has shaped his approach to branding which is guided by evidence-based creative thinking that proven process.  
He works with innovative companies that solve challenging problems and is dedicated to promoting positive change with high-quality, strategic branding
Nathen launched brand Toolbox’ in 2023, which 

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I develop strong, engaging creative solutions, whatever the size of your business.