Why work with Nathen?

Because I believe in the potential of purposeful leaders and their impact on the world.



Over the last 12 years I have been at the mercy of the usual myths and paradigms of running a business, the way you are supposed to run a business.

Staff, cashflow, family stresses, you name it, I’ve been there, and like many lone business owners, there have been moments that I wanted to quit!

Then came the pandemic and I certainly wasn’t prepared but like most. I had to change, the business had to change, and the market needed to understand who we were.

The result, we had a record year. But at a cost. Family, health, and motivation all took a kicking.

But then the next year was the rocket ship. I finally found the business and space I had been looking for. I found meaning and I found out what business I was supposed to be in.

For most of my career I had been on the fringes of high-level leadership and strategy, but it was more like a passion than my job, the time came that it became a reality.

The change – 500% growth in profit, totally new client base, clients around the world, I finally found meaning in my work.

The original vision of Waking Giants was realized (Lucky I have patience). My passion was always to help people get the best out of themselves.

Specifically The Lone Leader. The incredible optimist that runs a business(s) daily alone, with the burden of all the challenges, the fears, and the courage.

In 2022 I worked myself to the bone and finally it happened, I pushed too hard. Burned out, but I lied to myself that it was just tiredness. Weeks later a cancer diagnosis and surgery. Life became very dark and my vision for my life and business became blurred.

This was the moment that I allowed myself to find the space to dig into what life needed to be for the next 20 years.

More creativity, more action, more focus, more space to allow thew cool shit to happen. All things that we sacrifice as leaders and business owners, for what?

My life now? Cheerleader and coach for The Lone Leader. Less but better.

Waking Giants is creating a world of conscious leaders – people who get up every morning knowing WHY they do what they do and EXECUTE relentlessly

From our early beginnings, we have been passionate about the process of positive, continuous change and the impact it has on business and those connected to it.
Now, more than ever, we see the need for greater focus on ‘why’ founders are in business in the first place and how that manifests into positive outcomes.
Our focus is on three key areas that we believe define the potential success of any organisation and will enable leaders to meet their own goals and support the goals of their teams – Leadership, Strategy and Strategy Implementation.