Branding Workshop Process

We will lay the foundation for the design phase in three simple steps.

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Brand & naming architecture
Workshops – strategy & naming
Corporate & brand namingBrand strategy & positioning
Management facilitation
Internal brand engagement
Management facilitation



Brand Discovery Survey

This survey will give you the chance to get your thoughts in order. Here, you will be guided through a series of questions about your business, its characteristics and goals.

Once your survey answers have been received, they will form the basis for a detailed analysis into key themes and insights.



The workshop

The survey answers you provide will tailor the workshop process to your business needs.

Over the 2 day workshop period we will complete a total of 20 interactive exercises that will provide clarity to the key components of your business. These components include your unique selling point, target market, website strategy, messaging best practice and much more.



Design & production

Having defined your brand and production requirements in the workshop, you will receive a brand strategy document that charts a course for your brand moving forward.

Now it’s time to get to work on producing a remarkable brand that is designed to achieve measurable business goals.


  • How effective can a day’s workshop be to resolve some key strategic or naming issues?

    Very, or not at all, depending on the nature of the problem, the time and resource that’s available and whether you want to be a part of it! I can advise on how to put together an effective strategic or creative workshop and facilitate.

  • How do I engage senior / middle management with the brand?

    Brand management starts with a CEO and their Board. I can help with senior management training to understand roles and how to champion a brand on the inside and out, as well as designing cascade programmes and working with middle management to embed a brand in an organisation.

  • How do I bring the brand to life across the organisation?

    Brands are created on the inside of an organisation, before impact can be made on the outside. Having staff engaged with your corporate brand and understanding how it can help them do better at work is key to bringing the brand to life externally. I can help design a process to communicate the brand and create ownership, as well as diagnosing gaps in an organisation’s internal processes, systems and resource around the brand.

  • How do I bring staff together and involve them in a re-branding /naming process?

    Every organisation is different when it comes to creating or re-focusing a brand. For some, involving their people in the direction of the brand they are expected to manage and deliver is crucial to success. I can propose a process and tactics that are right for your business, taking in to account practicalities and culture.

  • How do I rationalise an inefficient portfolio?

    The emergence over time of a plethora of brands, sub-brands and services behaving like brands can mean a portfolio pickle, including cost and management inefficiencies. I can help you design a process to review the commercial sense of your portfolio, conduct the review and then help create guidelines for creating products and services that need (or not) their own identity.

  • What should I call my business / brand?

    A brand can’t go far without an identity. I have been naming businesses and brands for over 20 years and love nothing more than a naming conundrum. I can also advise on how to achieve consensus internally and on considerations in the complicated field of Trade Mark law.

  • How do I design a naming process?

    There are many ways to approach a corporate or brand naming exercise, from facilitated workshops to engaging the services of a professional name-writer. I can give advice on the best approach for your business, based on time, budget and culture.

  • Whatʼs the ʻbig ideaʼ behind my business / brand?

    No brand can maximise opportunity without a clearly defined driving idea that informs its behaviours internally and externally. I can help you design the right process and then lead or be a part of your team to define the big idea and supporting elements.

  • What sort of ʻbrand modelʼ does my business / brand need?

    As humans and consumers we are all better at remembering two or three key things – and simple is powerful. Thinking about the commercial landscape, your sector and competitors I can help you decide which elements of a model will be most relevant for your brand. Vision, mission and values aren’t a one solution fits all.

  • Weʼre losing ground – whatʼs the problem(s)?

    Sometimes performance or customer feedback might point towards a problem with engagement or some element of your brand just not quite connecting. I can help you explore what a brand MOT would look like and how to ask the right questions. I can then ask them.

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